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WordPress Plugin PathoCare Launched

We have launched our next WordPress plugin named PathoCare. This plugin has been developed to generate report in pathological laboratories. It provides management of Pathological Tests to be conducted by the laboratory, Investigations consisting of multiple pathological tests as well as reports corresponding to result found in investigation. At this moment more than 300 pathological tests as well as 14 types of investigations have been added in this plugin. These 14 investigations consists of most common types of investigations done by any pathological laboratory. Then based on the finding value (result) of pathological tests corresponding to these investigations, reports can be generated for patients. To view the demo of this plugin, please visit the URL http://bdl.glug4muz.org/wp-login.php and then login with username ravi and password bhushan. Just after login you will view the form to add a report. However from the left side menu, pathological tests and investigations can also be managed. If any pathological laboratory is interested in purchasing this plugin then it can contact us through web page http://glug4muz.org/contact-us/. It can be either used as a service from our server for which we will charge a very nominal monthly fee from the lab or it can be purchased by making payment of its cost. In case of use as a service, the responsibility of database backup as well as software will be taken by us.

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