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We are continuously working on web based  software development projects with overseas as well as local clients. We are mainly taking projects from Freelancer.com and CodeMentor.io. If you are a PHP developer having interest in working on live projects with us on project basis then you can Subscribe to our Project Newsletter. You will get notified through email when a new project will become available. And if you will be selected for work on a project then you will be assigned a module of the project which you can see at our Project Management Module. Even if you don’t want to subscribe to our Project Newsletter then you can also register yourself as Developer after clicking on Registration at our Project Management Platform. Our Project Management Platform is also open for project owners who want to get their project implemented by expert developers. They can register as Client after clicking on Registration at our Project Management Platform.

Following is the list of some of important projects done by us with overseas clients:

  1. WordPress Plugin development to fetch news from RSS feeds and insert them as featured post for the website http://foxesnews.co.uk
  2. AJAX/PHP/HTML script (MySQL backend)
  3. CRM System
  4. Simple Chooser Application
  5. Freelancer.com Review and CodeMentor.io Review


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