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Completion of Project “kml from csv”

Today we have successfully completed a project with title “kml from csv” from freelancer.com. In this project we have developed a PHP script to fetch radio station information from a CSV file and then converted it to KML file so that these radio stations can be easily located on google earth. We are very much thankful to the employer coldal for assigning this project to us. This project has been successfully completed with the help of coding expertise of Tarun. Thanks a lot to him for struggling with code. In order to check the performance of KML file on google earth we have used the web service available at http://display-kml.appspot.com/. Finally here is the feedback given by the employer coldal
for this project:

“Solution provided to my software requirement. Ccpplinux was responsive to my requirements and the solution provided was easy to install and easy to use. A good job done for which I am grateful.”

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