Welcome to GLUG4Muz.org

The concept of GNU/Linux Users Group for Muzaffarpur was established on 5th September 2004 by taking a project from GetAFreelancer.com (Now Freelancer.com). This concept was established by Pankaj Kumar who is the webmaster of this organization. The main aim was to make a career in the development of Open Source Environment by working as a freelance web developer. Gradually this organization become very much popular in the local communities and lot of learners worked on various freelancing projects executed by this organization. Now a days we have expanded our domain and we are providing training and development support to all over the world with the help of online meetings conducted through https://clickmeeting.com.

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Published on  May 6th, 2020

Quick Notes

  • cat man displays the content of man
  • man cat displays the manual of cat
  • date displays both date and time
  • vi is visual editor in text mode