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Source code as a story

Writing story is exactly similar to writing source code of a program. In both cases author has to search for similar events and write them in such a way that it becomes interesting for its reader. In case of source code the only limitation is in terms of language which should be understandable to the CPU. As CPU is still not able to understand any natural language (alternatively we can say that still we are not able to translate any natural language in machine language to be used by CPU) and so we are still unable to write source code in any natural language. Once we will be able to start writing source code in natural language (or we will be able to translate natural language in machine language to be used by CPU) then source code written by programmer will become interesting for both CPU as well as general public. And it will be revolution for the world of computer science. But it will only become possible when we will be able to understand how we understand the meaning of natural language which every person do throughout his lifetime. But no one knows it. Once we will understand the process of understanding of natural language by ourself then we will develop a software to implement this understanding. And using that software we will be able to write source code in our own natural language. But no one knows when that day will come. We are still in the process of self understanding. When this will be achieved then it will be implemented in term of computer program and it will change the world dramatically.

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